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by Shahbaz Ali

Self The Digest Mag

The Digest, the magazine published by the Philadelphia College of Osteopathic Medicine, is published by the Department of Marketing and Communications. The magazine is designed to appeal to alumni and friends of the Philadelphia College of Osteopathic Medicine and features articles on academics, news, sports, culture, and events relevant to the Alumni Council.

What is Digest Magazine?

Digest Magazine is a monthly publication that provides readers with the latest news and issues surrounding entrepreneurship, small business, and innovation. In addition to its editorial content, Digest also features interviews with experts and entrepreneurs, as well as case studies and success stories.
To subscribe to Digest magazine or to learn more about the publication, visit our website at thedigestmag.com.

Contact us: admin@thedigestmag.com

Admin The Digest Mag

I am a Founder of the Guest Post Key. The Digest Mag is part of the Guest Post key.



    The Digest Mag is a magazine that influence their readers with creative and innovative ideas about TECH, BUSINESS, HEALTH, EDUCATION, TRAVEL and Many More .

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