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Eggpreneur – Miller Center for Social Entrepreneurship 2022

by Shahbaz Ali

Eggpreneur is an initiative that equips, trains, and supports women to start micro-enterprises in developing countries. In this article, you’ll find out how people are successful in the world of small businesses with the innovative use of AI.


The women behind “Eggpreneur” are on a mission to change the way we think about sustainable development. Their innovative approach to producing eggs from hens raised in humane conditions is changing the way people think about eggs and food production. In this blog post, we learn more about their story and what motivates them to work on this important issue.

The founders of Eggpreneur, Julie Andrasik, and Bijou Solomon, are both passionate about making a difference in the world. They first met while working together on a sustainability project at their college, and decided to join forces to create a business that would make a bigger impact. Their goal is to help people see the connection between food production and climate change and to inspire them to make changes in their own lives and in the way we produce food.

Eggs are an important part of our diets, and they’re an extremely convenient source of protein. But they’re also one of the most resource-intensive foods we can eat. According to the World Resources Institute, every egg takes around 25 minutes to produce, and used up energy resources like water

What is Eggpreneur?

Eggpreneur is a new effort in sustainable development. The goal is to create businesses that use eggs as their main product or service and to do so in a way that is environmentally friendly and economically viable.

The Eggpreneur Initiative was started by entrepreneurs Alicia Vikander, Ingrid Nilsen, and Mona El Isa. They found that there was a need for more sustainable egg products, and they wanted to fill that gap.

The first Eggpreneur business is called Sweet Freedom Farms, and it sells eggs from hens that are free to roam outside. The hens get to eat insects and seeds, which helps them to produce healthy eggs.

Eggpreneur also has a clothing line called Eco-Girls. All of the clothing is made from organic cotton and recycled materials. The company also donates 10% of its profits to environmental charities.

Eggpreneur is an amazing example of how businesses can help to improve the environment while still making money. It’s exciting to see such an innovative approach to sustainable development being taken on by these women, and I’m sure that it will have a huge impact on the way that we think about

Why do this?

Eggpreneur is a bold new effort in sustainable development that focuses on the economic empowerment of women in developing countries. By providing them with access to quality eggs, the program hopes to improve their nutrition, health, and overall quality of life.

What are the benefits of egg entrepreneurship?

There are many benefits to egg entrepreneurship. First, it can help women become more economically independent. Second, it can promote sustainable agriculture practices by helping women sell their eggs directly to consumers. And finally, it can help reduce malnutrition among women and children in rural areas.

How do you get started with Eggpreneur?

To get started with Eggpreneur, you first need to find a partner farmers group in your region. Next, you need to identify eligible female entrepreneurs and provide them with training on how to market their eggs. Finally, you need to provide financial support to these entrepreneurs so they can start and run their businesses successfully.

How does it work?

Eggpreneur is a bold new effort in sustainable development. It’s an online platform that connects egg farmers in developing countries with buyers who are interested in buying eggs from those farmers in a responsible way, using the humane treatment and without causing any environmental damage.

How does it work? Once you become an Eggpreneur, you set your own prices for your eggs, and you can choose which buyers you want to sell your eggs to. You receive payments every month, based on the number of eggs sold to your buyers.

So far, Eggpreneur has connected over 60 egg farmers in eight developing countries with buyers from six different countries. These buyers include major food companies, retailers, and institutional buyers (such as schools and hospitals).

Eggpreneur is making a big impact on the sustainability of the egg industry. By connecting egg farmers in developing countries with responsible buyers, Eggpreneur is helping these farmers to improve their livelihoods and protect their environment.

Who are the women behind it?

The women behind Eggpreneur are a group of fearless entrepreneurs who are challenging the status quo in sustainable development. This unique initiative is making a real impact by empowering women to create their own businesses and increase their income.

Eggpreneur was started by four inspiring women who are committed to making a positive impact on the world. They believe that by breaking down barriers and giving women the opportunity to succeed, they can create a more sustainable future for everyone.

The founders of Eggpreneur are Aarti Agarwal, Anju Aggarwal, Kavya Aggarwal, and Manisha Aggarwal. They all have backgrounds in engineering and business, which has given them the skills and knowledge to start this innovative project.

Eggpreneur is a website and online course that provides sustainable business tips for women. It also provides access to resources like market research, financing options, and branding advice. The goal of Eggpreneur is to help women build successful businesses that will improve their lives and the environment at the same time.

Eggpreneur is making a big impact on the world by empowering women to create their own businesses and increase their income.

How can I get involved?

One of the most rewarding things about writing for Sustainablog is getting to know the amazing women behind some of our favorite posts. And, as we mark International Women’s Day on March 8th, we wanted to shine a spotlight on three egg entrepreneurs who have inspired us with their innovative approaches to sustainable development.

Meet Nadia Abou El-Magd, founder of My Egg, an online store that sells certified organic eggs from sustainable hens. My Egg is one example of how egg entrepreneurs are using technology and social media to connect with consumers and promote sustainability.

Nadia has also been a vocal advocate for the benefits of organic farming, and her blog has featured articles on topics like soil health and how manure can help improve crops. Her work highlights the importance of connecting farmers with consumers in order to create sustainable systems that benefit everyone involved.

Next up is Leila Lujan, founder of Lujan’s Farmacy, a small business that specializes in products made from sustainable eggs. Leila started her business after she saw the negative environmental impact that conventional egg production had on her community in Peru. Through her products and blog, she is working to educate consumers


When I read about Eggpreneur, a new sustainable development initiative spearheaded by women, my initial reaction was disbelief. How could any group of women be able to come up with anything that wasn’t already being done by groups of men? Then I thought about it some more and realized there were two things at play: the power dynamics between men and women and the way we currently think about sustainability.

In many cases, when it comes to issues like climate change or poverty alleviation, our natural tendency is to assume that only large organizations with a lot of money can do something about it. This is why initiatives like Eggpreneur are so important — they show us that there are people out there who want to make a difference, even if it means taking on big challenges in an unconventional way.

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