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Everything to know about a jackhammer

by Steffy Alen

A jackhammer is a big, robust tool used to crush rocks. It features a big head on the end that hits and breaks rocks or complex objects and is motor-powered. Typically, a tractor is used to pull the device, but it can also be operated manually. It is one of the most often utilised machines in various heavy-duty industries. There are many kinds of jackhammers, such as electric and pneumatic jackhammers.

Some types of jackhammers 

Electric jackhammers

Electric jackhammers are versatile tools that can cut through brick, concrete, and other solid objects. The devices are made up of a hydraulic arm that functions like a jackhammer and an electric motor driven by a battery. Electric jackhammers have advantages over traditional machines, including being quicker and more effective. 

They are perfect for removing big slabs of concrete from a building site since they can quickly remove massive chunks of material. Electric jackhammers can also be employed in confined locations because of their relative maneuverability.

Air jackhammers 

The name pneumatic jackhammers also know it. Air jacks are robust and adaptable instruments that can be applied in various ways. They are ideal for breaking through concrete and other materials and demolition work. Air jacks are essential for repairs because they may also be used to remove obstructions from a passage. 

Understandably, air jacks are ubiquitous in commercial and industrial environments, given their wide range of applications. The compressor, motor, and air hose make up an air jack. The compressor produces a strong vacuum when it is turned on.

Factors to consider when choosing jackhammers

Though there are different kinds of jackhammers, everything has some common factors that can determine their efficiency. Keep reading on to know them.

Noise output

Before buying a jackhammer, it’s crucial to consider its noise output. The jackhammer noise levels might vary considerably depending on the model, type, and make/brand. Even certain occupations may find some of the louder jackhammers to be excessively loud. 

For instance, working with the loudest jackhammer in an open mine is okay, but working in a residential area can irritate the people around. Always consult an expert if you are concerned about whether a particular jackhammer is too loud for your project.

Vibration control

Before buying a jackhammer, vibration control should be considered. Workers subjected to whole-body vibration (WBV), a known danger associated with vibration exposure, are more likely to experience low back discomfort and other musculoskeletal diseases. 

WBV has also been connected to other health issues, such as impaired blood flow, gastrointestinal problems, and reproductive issues. There are a few techniques to lessen the vibration, such as employing an anti-vibration glove or a handle that dampens vibration. So, be sure to remember that when you’re shopping.

Control accessibility 

Before acquiring a jackhammer, it is crucial to take control accessibility into account to ensure public safety and prevent casualties. Although jackhammers are frequently thought of as construction workers’ tools, prospective buyers should be informed of the potential adverse effects that these tools may have on individuals with disabilities. Uncontrolled jackhammers have the potential to inflict severe injuries.

Alert lights 

Any jackhammer should have an alert light because doing without could lead to harm. You can go into a transaction more prepared if you know the many alert light types. These signs will alert you when the jackhammer is about to overheat and perhaps create a hazardous scenario. It will not only help you prevent any potential mishaps, but it will also end up saving you money over time.

Thus, a jackhammer is a machine that crushes rocks and works under different mechanisms—knowing its types and features can help purchase a quality one and do the job efficiently over a long period. 

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