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How to Back Up Your Synology NAS to the Cloud?

by Shahbaz Ali
How to Back Up Your Synology NAS to the Cloud?

If you want to protect your data from disaster, you should backup your Synology NAS. To do this, you can use an app developed by Backblaze, which has apps for backing up data from many NAS brands. Backblaze offers a range of features including sync and share, automatic backups, and archiving with file versioning. These apps can help you back up your Synology NAS data and other data as well.

Synology NAS data is at risk of disaster

If your Synology NAS is failing, your data is at risk of disaster. Whenever you notice a malfunctioning device, stop using it immediately. Do not try to repair it yourself, because you could end up causing further damage to the disk. Instead, contact a reliable Synology support team who will help you find a compatible replacement chassis. There are several things to look out for and you should never attempt to fix the problem yourself.

Back up your Synology NAS regularly, and take regular backups. The data on Synology NAS is particularly vulnerable to physical theft. Secure the admin account and backup folders often every few days. Even if you have regular backups, these may not be sufficient if ransomware attacks hit. Backups can also be made to an external USB device. This can be done from the main menu, Backup & Replication.

Backups should be stored in three places

To ensure complete protection against loss or damage, it is important to back up your files in more than one location. NAS storage and backup can be done using several methods. Different types of backups are possible, including incremental backups, differential backups, and local shared folders. Below we look at some of the best options and how to safely and easily back up your data.

Ensure that you have enough storage space on each of your drives. Most Synology NAS units come with 4GB of memory, but you can also add more memory. This feature is especially useful if you are using several server-side applications. For example, if you’re a heavy downloader and also want to set up a Plex media server, you’ll need more system memory. You may also want to use your Synology to record video from several security cameras.

Another option is to use a cloud-based storage system. The cloud is a great choice for this. Regardless of which option you choose, it is essential to keep at least one copy of your files offsite. As long as you have a second backup in another location, you’ll be safe from the worst-case scenarios. This is because you’ll be able to recover faster if your primary data is lost.

Synology NAS data can be backed up to the cloud

When you back up your Synology NAS to the cloud, you can use a variety of features to make the process seamless. Several of these features include one-way and two-way synchronization, as well as encryption, which ensures that your data remains safe and secure. Moreover, using compression can reduce traffic and storage requirements. To learn how to backup your Synology NAS to the cloud, keep reading.

Another feature to consider when backing up your Synology NAS is a subscription-based service. The C2 Backup service from Synology can be installed by Active Directory GPOs. The service includes full system backups that save bandwidth and provide bare-metal mental restore capabilities. As a bonus, this service is affordable and offers excellent value for money. You can back up your Synology NAS data to the cloud using a service such as C2 or another provider.

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