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How to increase your Instagram followers without buying them

by Shahbaz Ali
How to increase your Instagram followers without buying them

Are you looking for a way to increase your Instagram followers? There are few proven methods available on how to do it. There is no need to spend your money and buy Instagram followers all the time. From this article, we will share some proven methods on how to get free Instagram followers to your profile.

  • Discover your unique voice

If you can be unique on Instagram, you can increase your followers easily. This is where you can experiment with different voices and discover your unique voice. For example, you may change the nature of the content you publish through the Instagram profile and see whether you are getting better returns via analytics. Always keep in mind that such experiments are worth it only if you are taking the time to go through the results and analyze them in detail.

  • Be active on Instagram

Another proven Instagram followers hack is to remain active on the social media network. You need to come up with a content calendar and stick to it when publishing content. On top of that, you may think about liking the photos of others and commenting on them. It is better if you can have a dedicated social media manager and engage with others. This will help you to get noticed on Instagram. Along with that, you can increase the total number of followers you have under your profile.

  • Never brag

Bragging too much on Instagram can do more harm than good. For example, let’s assume that your business wins an award. You should add a post and let your Instagram followers know about it. However, you should not spend too much time discussing your service or product and explaining why it is amazing. You need to spend minimum time on it. You need to keep in mind that people don’t follow your Instagram profile only for promotional content. They are looking forward to following your business and getting to know about your latest updates. Therefore, you should appear human and be creative with what you share. 

  • Use an Instagram followers app

All the methods we mentioned above can take time to deliver positive results. If you are looking forward to securing faster results, you may think about following an Instagram followers app. Using an Instagram followers app is something simple, and anyone can do it. You just need to make your Instagram profile public and submit your username. Then you can get more followers to it. This method is fast, and you will be able to get followers coming on your way immediately. To ensure that you receive quality results, you need to make sure that you are using the most appropriate Instagram followers app.

Final words

When you stick to these options, you can start attracting free Instagram followers. Make sure that you do it with a proper strategy, and you will never come across the need to buy Instagram followers. Any Instagram followers who hack out of these can deliver positive results to you. 

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