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How to Study Like a Harvard Student

by Shahbaz Ali
Important Than Grades

If you want to be successful in school, it’s important to study smart. Unfortunately, many students don’t know how; they copy other people’s answers and hope for the best. But there are plenty of ways you can improve your studying skills and learn how to study like a Harvard student.

1. Don’t Cram

Cramming means trying to memorize everything you need to know in one sitting. It’s ineffective because it doesn’t allow your mind to remember anything and doesn’t give you time to learn anything new or practice what you already know. Instead of cramming, try taking notes and reviewing them later so that all the information sticks in your brain properly instead of being scattered all over your notes or in your head when you review them later.

2. Take a Break When You Need One

It is easy to get stuck in a rut when it comes time for class or exams, so take an occasional break if needed. If you feel overwhelmed by the amount of work required for studying, then take a break and come back later with fresh eyes.

3. Sleep Well

Getting enough sleep is essential for all students, but it’s especially important if you want to do well in class or at home. A good night’s rest is not only a mood booster but also helps you focus better when studying or having conversations with friends. Harvard students, on average, get an extra hour of sleep every night compared to other college students, so why not try it out?

4. Find the Study Method That Works Best for You

Your study method should be based on your strengths and weaknesses to identify what works best for you, and that will help you achieve your goals faster than anyone else. For example, if you have trouble concentrating on long tasks or solving complex problems, a study method that involves lots of breaks or breaks between topics would suit you better than one with no breaks between topics.

5. Be Organized

Organization is one of the most important steps in studying like a Harvard student. You need to be able to get all your work done and stay on top of your class schedule, but also make sure to have a planner that is easy for you to use. The best way to organize yourself is by using a planner, which will help you keep track of all your classes, assignments, and other important information.

6. Utilize All the Resources Available to You

You may not have access to certain resources at home. Make sure you utilize all the resources available to you while at school. There are many ways to learn effectively, from Graphical abstract created by the teacher, online tutorials and guides to peer support groups.

3 Best Study Hacks That Students Should Use to Get High Grades

If you are a student and you are looking for some best study hacks that will help you to get high grades, then here is the list of 3 best study hacks that students should use to get high grades:

1. Study the day before the exam

If you can’t study for an exam on a specific day, do your best to study the day before. This is because your brain will still be in review mode and be more receptive to new information when it’s fresh in your mind.

2. Use a Calendar

If you have a habit of not planning anything, try using a calendar and make sure that everything has a date on it so that you don’t forget about any of your tasks or assignments.

3. Take Notes

Taking notes while studying is another important skill that every student must learn because it will help them retain information better than someone who doesn’t take notes during lectures or classes.

Why Studying is More Important Than Grades

The grades you earn from your classes are important, but they’re not everything. Some students have a habit of thinking that the grades they get in their classes are the only thing that matters. But it’s not true.

If you want good grades, study hard and do your best. But this isn’t enough if you want to achieve great things in life. If studying is not enjoyable, you will face difficulties getting good grades, regardless of how much effort you put into studying.

Therefore, all students need to find a way to study that makes them enjoy it so that they can do the best possible work during their studies.


Studying is not easy, but it’s not hard either. Studying can be enjoyable if you have the right attitude and a good strategy. If you enjoy what you’re doing and have fun while doing it, then your performance will improve significantly.

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