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The Best Van Accessories for Adventure Traveling

by Shahbaz Ali
Adventure Traveling

One of the best ways to get up close and personal with the places you visit is to travel in a van. With a camper van, you can stay in the most beautiful places under the stars. 

Whether you only go out on the weekends or plan to travel for an extended period, you have to ensure that your vehicle is equipped for all the adventures you want to take. You need the right van accessories before you head out on the road.

You could be a beginner or a seasoned pro at adventuring, but it can still be hard to determine what you need for your van. Here are the must-have accessories you should have for your adventures.

A Good Mattress and Blanket

Sleeping in a van doesn’t sound ideal for most people. But having the right mattress can transform your camper van into one that’s more luxurious. You’ll wake up without a sore back and neck. Get a good night’s sleep with a plush folding mattress that you can store away during the day and roll out at night.

It can get pretty cool at night in many places, so a good blanket will keep you comfortable all night. Try one that’s thick, so you’ll be able to keep warm at night and use outside. And roll it up, so it will store easily.

Thermal Insulation Blinds

It can get quite hot in your van, especially with the sun beating down on your car in the summer. And it can get chilly in the winter; both situations can be quite uncomfortable during your camping trip.

Insulation blinds are sprinter van accessories that can keep the inside of your camper van comfortable. The thermal material keeps the sun on hot days and helps keeps the warm air inside when it’s cold outdoors.

Propane Heater

Colder weather shouldn’t stop you from going out and adventuring. That’s why you should get a propane heater to keep you warm and toasty. Choose a portable propane heater that can keep your entire campsite comfortable as you enjoy the outdoors.

It can warm up your van, too, if needed. But it’s important not to leave it on while you sleep, as that can cause a fire if it overheats.

Powerful Flashlight

Out in the wilderness, there’s a good chance you won’t be somewhere with a lot of light. You don’t only need a flashlight; you need a high-powered and quality one so you’ll be able to see even the darkest nights.

A good flashlight is also essential when you’re trying to repair your van if it breaks down late at night. Look for one that’s rechargeable, so you don’t need to keep replacing batteries.

Portable Camp Stove

A fire is a must when you’re camping, especially for food. Camping doesn’t mean you have to let your food quality falter. With a portable camp stove, you can make adventure versions of your favorite foods.

Choose one with an adjustable burner so you can control how much heat you’re using. An instant start ignition that doesn’t need matches is ideal when you’re on the road.

Easy to Pack Cooking Utensils

Just as you need a good camp stove, you also need the right cooking utensils. Being on the road doesn’t leave you a lot of room for storage, so a compact set of cooking utensils are the perfect camper van accessories.

Look for a kit with tongs, a spatula, a ladle, a knife, a cutting board, and scissors. And if it has a carrying case, it’ll make storage easier.

Portable Clothesline

You might have to get some laundry done on your camping trip, but that can bring up questions about logistics. A portable clothesline can hang up anywhere and allow you to dry your clothes.

Hang it up at your campsite and dry your clothes and towels while enjoying your adventure. It prevents your van from getting musty or humid while your clothes dry.

New Suspension

The road can be quite grueling on a vehicle, especially when you’re driving on rough terrain. A suspension absorbs energy from the van’s tire. This process keeps the body and frame of the van smooth when you’re on bumpy roads.

If you bought a used van or have been adventuring for a while, it might be worth it to check on the sprinter van suspension and see if it’s damaged or needs to be repaired or replaced.

Hydraulic Car Jack

A car jack is going to prove to be one of the most useful tools you can have in your van. After driving around so much, you’re bound to get a flat tire or two; it’s unavoidable. But if you’re able to change a tire, even to a spare, you’ll be able to get back to your adventure sooner rather than later.

Keep a hydraulic car jack in your van will get your van off the ground and allow you to change a tire with ease. Choose one that’s compact so you can store it easily while you’re driving.

Car Emergency Kit

There’s a chance your van is going to break down during one of your adventures, so a car emergency kit is going to come in handy. Van life accessories for your safety are just as important as ones for comfort.

An emergency kit should have things like jumper cables, a seat belt cutter, flares, and tow straps, among other tools. These will serve you well if you ever break down or find yourself in an emergency.

The Best Van Accessories for All of Your Adventures

Whether you’re heading to the mountains, the forest, or the beach, you have to equip your van with all the right items. The right van accessories will do wonders for all of your adventures. But it can be difficult to know which ones are a must-have.

Go out for the weekend or take an extended trip in your van. But you want to make sure that it’s safe, reliable, and has all the accessories to make your vacation comfortable.

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