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Things to Consider Before Buying a European SIM card in the US

by Shahbaz Ali
Things to Consider Before Buying a European SIM card in the US

Every nation in the vast continent of Europe has seasons. An estimated 500 million people travel to Europe yearly, making it a lucrative economy. Statistics show that Americans are particularly fond of Europe, where there were approximately 620,000 American visitors in 2020. Travel does, however, provide some special difficulties. The terrible aspect of travelling is that you cannot use your phone to stay in touch with the outside world. The most straightforward approach to be ready for your journey from the U.S. to Europe is to purchase a Europe SIM card from the U.S. since, fortunately, every issue has a solution. But before you buy a SIM, there are a few things to consider, and this article shares a few tips:


Nobody wants to be duped by a plan that costs a fortune but gives little to nothing. The inexpensive SIM cards are only sometimes as excellent as they seem. Check the details carefully because adding extra data can be expensive. For instance, certain SIMs can only be topped up with cards registered in the country. Only EU SIM cards that can be used and recharged across the European Union are covered in this tutorial because it’s essential to know the specifics.


Always be conscious of how much data you initially receive. Although it may be inexpensive, you will only save money if you use it up within a short period and then have to pay much more. Check the data charge fees after your initial purchase. View your current SIM provider’s average daily consumption. You can make additional preparations for those lengthy travels with new capabilities like Google Maps, translation software, and the capacity to create epic Spotify playlists.


When purchasing sims abroad, coverage should be more frequently addressed. Different networks exist, some of which are larger than others. Do you live primarily in urban areas or further away? Are you visiting the islands, or do you climb mountains? All of these should be taken into account when buying a SIM. Discover which carrier gives the best coverage in your travel regions. If you can’t use it, unlimited data is nothing!


Remember to check a new SIM’s lifespan. Numerous are dumped in the trash after you exit the airport and are disposable. A need if you plan to travel extensively through Europe. Consider a permanent SIM card if you’re a long-term or digital nomad traveller. Many providers keep your card active as long as you register an online account and top it off a few times each year.

Make sure your phone is in the appropriate configuration. 

For a European SIM card to function, an unlocked phone is necessary. As this feature is becoming widespread on newer devices, check with your carrier. This functionality might already have been enabled. If not, try asking your service provider to unlock it. The phone cannot be contacted using a regular U.S. number as long as it still has a Europe SIM card. You can purchase an unlocked phone before your travel or when you arrive if you cannot unlock your current phone.

Configure your SIM card.

Ask the seller to install the SIM card, set it up, and make a test call after you purchase a SIM card to ensure everything is working properly. You will be prompted to enter your SIM PIN when you power on your phone. This may need to be entered each time your phone is turned on. Ask your caseworker if they can switch to English if the text or audio instructions you are receiving are in a different language. Additionally, you’ll discover how to check your balance. Keep track of your new phone number to tell your loved ones and friends.

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